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Hope for a Great America!

The message of “Hope” and the message of “Make America Great Again”: two winning campaign slogans we are very familiar with in recent U.S. politics.  Both attempt to offer a positive image to citizens of the United States.  As a citizen, I believe in our democracy and...

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#We Are U.S. Culture!

Ken Burns-“Civil War” Recently, while attending my 25th reunion weekend at the University of Rochester, I had the opportunity to attend a symposium on race in America featuring an interview with acclaimed documentary filmmaker Ken Burns. The moderator, Dr. Paul J....

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Mom, Isn’t That Racist?

Mom, Isn’t that Racist? During Black History Month, my daughters and I attended the book reading of Brown Girl Dreaming by Jacqueline Woodson at St. Paul’s Church in NYC. One of my daughters said, “Mom, there are mostly white people here,” as she noticed the...

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Mom, whats the KKK

“Mom, what’s the KKK and do we have to leave OUR country?”   During a recent community workshop hosted by a school in Stamford, Connecticut focused on increasing cultural awareness, a parent asked me how to respond to a question her son asked her, “Mom, what’s...

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Why Diversity Work

My Story I am a cultural competency educator and consultant who is passionate about increasing cultural awareness to improve human diversity relations around the world and to optimize talent in the classroom and workplace.  I founded Culture Learning Partners to...

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